Turquoise Hill Health, Safety and Environment Management System

Turquoise Hill is committed to protecting the environment and to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all people including employees, visitors, contractors and communities who are affected by Turquoise Hill and its subsidiaries. We are dedicated to performing our duties at Turquoise Hill in a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient manner.

Our Goal

We will ensure that Turquoise Hill and its subsidiaries have established appropriate practices in the areas of safety, health and environmental management in all of its activities and that appropriate compliance and reporting systems are in these areas.

Our Commitments

We will:

  • Undertake all aspects of our businesses in a safe manner and maintaining a healthy workplace for employees, contractors and visitors;

  • Implement a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system that parallels that of Rio Tinto's;

  • Audit our management system to measure and continually improve our performance in relation to the HSE structure implemented;

  • Focus on the continual improvement of health, safety and environmental performance through the involvement of all employees, contractors and others affected by our activities;

  • Through the HSE Management System, provide a framework to understand, identify and manage HSE risks impacting our businesses;

  • Provide training to employees covered by the Turquoise Hill HSE Management System to ensure they are aware of HSE threats and opportunities within our businesses;

  • Establish and communicate measureable objectives and targets for health, safety and environmental performance throughout our business and report this performance to key stakeholders;

  • Minimize our impact on the environment, prevent pollution and use resources efficiently and effectively;

  • Build and sustain a positive HSE culture that is underpinned by strong leadership across the business and which strives to be interdependent;

  • Ensure compliance to all relevant legislation and any other commitments or requirements to which the company and its subsidiaries subscribes;

  • Conduct all dealings in accordance with Turquoise Hill's Health, Safety & Environment standards and "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics".

  • Provide and develop the appropriate resources to ensure the successful fulfillment of our health, safety and environmental commitments. By fulfilling our commitments detailed above, we will build and strengthen our ability to continuously improve our health, safety and environmental performance.