Land Management

As part of Oyu Tolgoi’s sustainable land management policy, the mine’s closure and rehabilitation plans have been developed in accordance with Mongolian laws and standards. This keeps land degradation to a minimum. 

Land Disturbance Management
In order to ensure minimal land disturbance, Oyu Tolgoi requires an environmental inspection and assessment before any land disturbance occurs. A permit for work is only approved after protective actions identified in the assessment are completed. This process eliminates or minimizes potential impact on local water, biodiversity, the community, cultural heritage, and many other areas. It also ensures compliance with environmental and other relevant legislation. This procedure also applies to Oyu Tolgoi sponsored projects.

Topsoil Management
The Oyu Tolgoi topsoil management plan is one of the most important elements in rehabilitating land affected by the mine’s operations and infrastructure development, helping to restore vegetation and biodiversity.

Before the start of any land disturbance activity, Oyu Tolgoi strips and stores the topsoil so it can be used to rehabilitate the land after the work is complete.

Environment rehabilitation
Areas that were disturbed during exploration, development and operations are rehabilitated during and after the project, including through the development of a mine closure plan at the start of the construction phase. Making disturbed areas safe for people, animals, and the environment is one of the main reasons for proper rehabilitation. To make an area safe, technical rehabilitation has to be completed to high standards. Oyu Tolgoi has a dedicated team to work with contractors to monitor rehabilitation.

Oyu Tolgoi continued its comprehensive environmental monitoring program and maintained compliance of key environmental programs. In 2019, planned biological rehabilitation was completed on 53 hectares of land associated with off-site construction works such as road construction. Technical rehabilitation was com pleted on an additional 108.3 hectares, which were handed back to local government. In addition, Oyu Tolgoi LLC supports landscaping and greening of Khanbogd. The Oyu Tolgoi site landscaping project continued in 2019. A total of 1.34 hectares area of landscaping was completed in the Oyut camp, Mazaalai mess hall, North gate and Khanbumbat airport during the course of 2019 and these landscaping efforts will continue as per the Oyut village strategic plan. Oyu Tolgoi LLC also conducted a 1,500-tree planting campaign in Khanbogd. During the “Open Day” event, about 1000 saplings were given to local communities in Dalanzadgad.

Mazaalai kitchen bus stop.

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